42 Song Lyrics from Black is King that Make Powerful Affirmations

Many millineals who grew up singing the praises of Disney’s The Lion King found the live action version to be…underwhelming, for a lack of better words. Yet, we should have known that any project involving Queen B would be spectacular. The soundtrack, The Gift, was released with the film and may have be the most underestimated album of 2019.

And then, in 2020, in the midst of a year that threw many of us for a loop, we received the gift of Black Is King. The timing of Beyonce’s latest visual album was impeccable, as the world clearly needed a reminder of how regal, revolutionary, and majestic the Black existence is. 

As a yoga teacher who understands the power of a good mantra, I was blown away by the inspirational lyrics offered throughout the album. After so many listens, I began copying the lyrics into life-affirming categories. 

Black is King affirmations to overcome self-doubt.

Affirmations for Overcoming Self-Doubt

Affirmations can be a single word or longer phrase that you can speak aloud to give yourself emotional support and encouragement. 

One way to use affirmations is to choose one per day or one per week that matches the encouragement you currently need in your life!

For example, I set some truly ambitious goals for myself this year and have been determined to not let the pandemic get me off my path. I was inspired by the Black Is King album to adopt “Bubble up and watch it grow, grow, grow” to affirm focus and determination into my daily workflow for the remainder of the year. 

I write the phrase in my weekly planner and often repeat it to myself throughout the work day to keep me focused only current projects, shutting out discouraging thoughts & distractions. 

Affirmations for Promoting Self- Love

If you think you’re just being introduced to the concept of affirmations, guess again! 

“You got this.”

“Hang in there, baby.”

“Just keep swimming.”

There are so many common affirmations that we say to ourselves and to each other for encouragement. 

Now that you can recognize what affirmations are, you can be more intentional about applying them to specific circumstances in your life!

Black is King affirmations for self love.
Black is King affirmations for overcoming adversity.

Affirmations for Overcoming Adversity

By specifying your affirmations, you can:

  • Speak confidence over your entire being when you doubt your abilities.
  • Practice love for your unique self,   embrace your physical attributes, and increase your body positivity.
  • Remind yourself that you can overcome any obstacles, barriers to success, and adversity in your life.
  • Shut out negative noise from your surroundings and stay focused on your personal goals. 
  • Invite good fortune, positive rewards, and abundance into your life. 

Affirmations for Silencing the Haters

So how do you decide what Black Is King affirmations to use?

Start by determining what is holding you back from pursuing the life that you want. Take note of the negative thoughts that come from within you and from your external environment. 

Then select the category for what you need to overcome or welcome into your life. 

Pick an affirmation for the moment, for the day, for the week, or for the season of your life you are in. 

Repeat it aloud to yourself. Write it in your calendar. Your journal. A post it for your mirror. 

Anywhere where you can access your affirmations when you need them. 

Black is King affirmations for silencing the haters.
Black is King affirmations for abundance.

Affirmations for Welcoming Abundance

The beauty of using these song lyrics from Black Is King as affirmations is that they are in a language that you understand on a soul-level. 

They are fun. They are empowering. 

They recognize what you’ve been through, and help you get to where you need to go and stay focused along the journey. 

Save or screenshot these images and pull an affirmation out as needed. 

Step into your power and see what happens as a result. I guarantee you’ll be growing, growing like a baobab tree in no time!

Loved this post? I’m sure you know someone else who might! I’d love for you to share these inspirational words with your community and continue to empower yourself and others. 


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