8 Unique Gift Ideas That Keep Giving Back

You aren't limited to donating money to a charity in someone's name in order to do good, although that is a great idea! What about a gift that helps your loved ones on their journey to living their BEST and healthiest lives? This year surprise the people in your life with one of these unique gift ideas that inspires personal & business growth, knowledge, or sustainability.

You aren’t limited to donating money to a charity in someone’s name in order to do good, although that is a great idea. 

How about a gift that helps your loved ones succeed on their journey to living their BEST and healthiest lives? 

Continue reading to discover 8 unique gift ideas that will inspire the people you love to succeed in their self-development, business growth, sustainability efforts, or even their spiritual journey!

Gifts that Inspire Sustainable Living

These unique ideas truly represent the gift that keeps on giving, as the effects of climate change on our planet have never been more apparent. 

Many are becoming inspired to reduce their climate footprint by changing their diet, using eco-friendly transportation methods, and using products that require and produce less waste to consume. 

Here are two unique gift ideas for the eco-conscious people in your life:

#1 Low Waste Gift Basket

Good Intent is an online shop & blog run by two millennial, female entrepreneurs that offers a curated collection of products to inspire low waste living. The shop offers individual products as well as curated kits including the Mama & Baby, Menstruation, and Travel Kits. You’ll also feel good supporting small businesses and knowing the owners do a little happy dance with every exciting purchase.

#2 Kitchen Herb Garden

What foodie wouldn’t love to grow their own herbs with an indoor gardening kit? You can find this kit at Bed Bath and Beyond or Amazon…just be sure to use Amazon Smile when you shop to donate a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit of your choice!

Gifts that Inspire Business Growth

Investing in someone’s business and entrepreneurial desires is a great way to show that you care. 

These unique ideas allow you to gift inspiration as well as tangible business skills that could gift your loved one the boost they need to get amazing plans off the ground. 

#3 Online Professional Development Course

Your can gift someone special in your life the gift of an online course led by a world master, such as cooking lessons with Gordon Ramsay.

MasterClass, the revolutionary online experience that invites users to take a class led by the best in the world, is currently offering a ‘Give One Give One’ special just for the holidays. 

The aspiring chef in your life would never forget your gift of a session of learning culinary skills with Gordon Ramsay!

#4 Entrepreneurship Conference

Inspire the entrepreneur in your life by gifting him or her attendance to a business development conference. 

You will be gifting an unforgettable opportunity to network, grow and pitch ideas, and turn passion into profits. 

Blavity Inc.’s Summit 21 is already gearing up for their 2020 conference designed with women of color and female entrepreneurs at the center of it all!

Gifts that Inspire Personal Development

Inspire the fitness beginners or enthusiasts in your life to push towards achieving their health goals!

 These gifts are sure to make their wallets a little happier and healthy meal prep a little bit easier. 

#5 Health Products Gift Basket

Nuzest Christmas Package

Health enthusiasts will tell you that stocking the kitchen with high nutrient foods can get costly. 

A high quality plant-based protein supplement can easily cost $40/month. Why not gift something you know they will be certain (and excited) to use?

If you’ve got a loved one on your list that’s looking to get really fit and lean in the new year, gift a package of goodies from Nuzest (available worldwide) with a fresh blender bottle. 

Got a wellness newbie on your gifting list? Put together a gift basket of healthy pantry necessities like ground flaxseeds, a greens powder, cacao nibs, and other superfood nutrition boosters.

#6 Produce Box Delivery

It’s common to gift someone a wine subscription service, but what about a meal or grocery delivery service? 

Take a bit of the guesswork out of your loved ones healthy meal prep. 

Companies like Imperfect Foods deliver organic foods straight to the home of your gift recipient, providing them with produce to prepare healthy homemade meals with. 

Gifts that Inspire Healing

How about giving your loved one the closet gift to peace on Earth: Peace of Mind. 

There is no better feeling than experiencing mental and emotional healing. These gifts can help bring healing from trauma or help cope with life’s daily struggles. 

#7 Therapy Consultation

Do you have someone in your life who often comes to you with problems that are beyond your scope of support? 

Therapy is a unique, yet thoughtful gift to a loved one who could benefit from emotional healing or mental health support. 

Mental health services can often be quite costly, influencing many to think of it as a luxury instead of a necessity. Offering to pay for the initial consultation is a great way to financially help your loved one get into the door and start their healing process. 

#8 Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support animals make a great gift for a loved one who could use some healing

Animals have a special gift that allows them to non-verbally connect with humans, and vice versa, to establish emotional needs like trust, comfort, companionship, and loyalty. An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is legally provided certain privileges that non-service pets are not, allowing them to provide support to their owner as needed. 

With so many sweet animals waiting to be adopted, why not surprise your loved one with a cuddly companion that he or she can get certified as an ESA?

Hopefully these 8 unique gift ideas inspire you to think out of the box this holiday season! With one gift like any of the above listed, you have the ability to help improve the life of someone you love and support them in creating their BEST and healthiest lives. 

Happy Holidays!



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