Experience Abundance in 2020: Start By Releasing 3 Self-Limiting Phrases

Many of us wish for (aka manifest) things to happen in our lives, but don't realize that the words we speak can work against us. This blog reveals three common phrases that limit us from experiencing the most out of life. You'll then learn how to transform those phrases into mantras that will invite abundance into your life!

A few weeks ago, I had an exchange with a friend about something that I wanted to do. The friend responded with, “Oh that’s too expensive. You should go this route instead…” While I appreciate most advice for conserving money, this was an investment that I wanted to make in myself; one that I’d set as a reward for making progress on an intense goal. The friend didn’t know that I’d be putting aside a small amount of money over the next few months, or that my desire to reward myself with this thing was elevating my work effort. The friend didn’t know that I was following up manifestation with action and faith. 

The response I got from that friend sent my mind flowing into a state of thinking about all of the ways we limit and keep ourselves from experiencing abundance. 

Many of us want to invite abundance into our lives this year and beyond. We use manifestation as a tool to speak words into the universe to invite our desires in. However, we also unconsciously speak phrases that work against our power to manifest. 

A view looking up at a large tree from below, its roots and branches are expansive and the sun is peeking through the leaves.

Abundance comes in many forms: love, romantic relationships, self-worth, inner peace, financial security, disposable income, physical items, friendships, passion, creative flow, enjoyable jobs, constant employment, fertility, a place to call home, enough gas to get to where we need to go, good air quality, drinkable water, a safe neighborhood, having living grandparents to gain wisdom from, etc…you get the point.

The first step to receiving abundance is to recognize that you already have it. Big or small, we all have abundance in our lives. 

Recognizing that, and expressing gratitude for it, is key to welcoming in more abundance. This recognition is also significant for reducing self-limiting thoughts and behaviors. 

In this post I’ll be offering some mantras to replace the self-limiting phrases that you will read about below.

A mantra is a word, or sequence of words, that you speak silently to yourself or aloud into the universe. Mantras are used in meditation to aide concentration. They are similar to a slogan or motto that keeps you focused on your desires. Speaking a mantra is powerful, as your words enter the spaces within you and all around you, carrying your intentions with said mantra. 

With all that being said, here are the 3 self-limiting phrases to let go of in 2020 if you want to actualize your goals and receive abundance in full!

"I can't afford that. It's too expensive!"

This denial of financial abundance can also be worded as “I wish I could afford that.”, “Ugh, I need a sugar daddy.”, “I have bills to pay.”, “That’s for rich people.”, “Maybe I’ll splurge on that when I retire.”, “I’ve got too many mouths to feed.” You get the picture. 

This concept of denying ourselves of things our hearts desire is self-limiting because it feeds negative unconscious thoughts. 

By telling myself, or someone else, that I cannot afford something I am also saying “I AM not worthy of having that. I AM not capable of managing my finances to create disposable income for that. I AM not capable of generating more income. My financial growth is stunted. I have no control over the flow of my bank account. I cannot financially support my goals. My current financial state is permanent. The people who have that are more deserving than me. I don’t expect to receive that as a gift. I AM not worthy of receiving that as a gift. ”

When we say, “It’s too expensive.” it may appear that we’re stating three innocent words. But as you can see, we are saying so much more. 

Here’s what to alternatively say the next time you manifest something that is beyond your current financial means to pay for:

Person counting money in wallet in front of laptop open to a purchase screen.

New Mantra: I will create space in my life for (insert desire). That, or something better.

With this phrase, you let go of any limits on your financial potential. Heck, you’re not even acknowledging finances as the thing that keeps you away from that thing you desire! 

Beginning the statement with “I will” acknowledges the action that needs to be taken on your part to welcome in abundance. Creation of space in your life might mean selling/donating belongings that no longer bring you joy to make physical space for the new. It might mean creating a budget with a line item that includes savings for your desire.  

Lastly, you are leaving room for something even better. Sometimes our minds and life experiences are too limited to imagine anything better happening for us. It’s important to leave space in your manifestations for divine intervention to bring something even greater than what you could ever imagine into your life.

"I can't wear/do that with my body type."

It’s important to differentiate between the words can’t and won’t. Being intimidated by wearing something or participating in an activity is not a reflection of your body’s capabilities. When we express that certain clothes/activities won’t “look good” on/with our bodies, it’s an admission of fear of judgment from others. 

It’s okay to have fears that we are working to overcome. What is not okay, however, is projecting those fears onto a body that is perfectly capable of fitting into clothes and performing physical activities. 

African American woman wearing underwear and giving her body an embrace.

New Mantra: My body is worthy of love. I will love it in everything I clothe it with and every activity I participate in.

Your present body is not something to be ashamed of. It is not something that needs to be fixed. It is not disgusting. Even if it is a reflection of poor health habits, it is still worthy of being loved. 

(One more time for the people in the back!) 

YOUR present body is NOT something to be ashamed of. 

It is NOT something that needs to be fixed. 

It is NOT disgusting. 

Even if it is a reflection of poor health habits, it is STILL WORTHY of being loved. 

Accepting your body as something that is worthy of being loved is not only the first step to body positivity, but also is an indicator that you are ready to feed and move your body the way it deserves. 

"I'm not going to get it, so why even try?"

Have you heard that anecdote where the guy is praying to God to win the lottery, and God responds by saying “My son, buy a ticket.” LOL.

How many of us see a contest for a vacation getaway posted online, hear about a promotional opportunity at work, or see an attractive person at a bar? That thing sparks an instantaneous moment of joy in our hearts and for a split-second, we visualize ourselves stretched out on that white sand beach, standing in that new office with a city view, or going on a date with that person who caught our eye. And after that split-second, we let our ambitious dreams float away as we say to ourselves, “I’m not going to get it, so why even try?”

Someone is going to win that contest, get that promotion, ask that person for a date, so why shouldn’t it be you? 

Self-doubt is a mean monster that feeds on our deepest insecurities. The fastest way to feed self-doubt is to surrender to it. The fastest way to let go of self-doubt is to overcome it. 

We can overcome it by knowing (and truly believing) that we are enough exactly as we are to set ambitious goals. It’s not about whether that outcome will be a reality for you, it’s about going for it regardless of the outcome. 

Women of color sitting at a corporate roundtable exchanging ideas.

New Mantra: I trust that if this opportunity doesn’t happen, something better aligned with my needs will.

With this mantra, you take action and pursue what your heart desires while being unattached to the outcome. Again, you leave space for the opportunities that are meant for you to manifest into your life. 

If the last decade found you struggling to turn your goals into a reality, there is good news! 

Going through so many hurdles probably taught you lessons that you needed to learn and revealed your ability to persevere. True abundance in many forms will find its way to you as you use that wisdom to align your thoughts, words, and actions with powerful manifestation.  

When you catch yourself or someone else using any self-limiting phrases, kindly adjust the words to reflect a different reality.

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