I create delicious, plant-based versions of your favorite recipes.

I encourage movement & mindfulness through yoga.

I educate & empower through my writing and coaching. 

But most importantly, I help women of color experience joy by providing culturally competent wellness strategies.


I was born in Long Beach, CA to two wonderful parents who instilled in me a love of holistic health as well as pride in my African/Black culture.

My passion for food began in the small backyard that my family converted into a lush vegetable garden. I learned early on not only how to distinguish herbs by their fragrance, but also that adults got really excited when I said I wanted to be a nutritionist when I grew up. 

Moving to Inglewood as a pre-teen created a dual existence for me. Although I lived in a low-income community populated with African-American and Latino residents, I attended Predominately White Institutions for school.

Coexisting between these two worlds of urban culture/poverty and wealth/privilege woke me up to the forces that create cycles of poor health in ethnic communities. My goal is to highlight these disparities and end them.

My role as a wellness leader is to create safe spaces where people of color can truly heal from the inside out, transforming their lives, and find authentic joy along the way.