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Model, Wellness Writer, Recipe Creator, Food Blogger, Yoga Teacher, Outspoken Advocate for Women's and Black Health

Welcome to my blog, Maya’s Healthy Day!

If you were hoping to get a giant dose of all things healthy-lifestyle related sprinkled with a bubbly personality, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m originally from Inglewood, California. My health journey began when I was a child and lived in a plant based household ran by my super health conscious parents. We ate kale and quinoa before it was a thing. 

Whenever a grown up would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would proudly declare “a nutritionist!” Despite not knowing what the term meant, I was clearly aware of the impact I was meant to have in this world.

My journey to health has been a long, winding one. My adolescent years were spent trying to find confidence in a long, lanky figure and gain weight. My college years were spent fueling late night study sessions with all the junk foods I missed out on during my childhood. I quickly learned what the term “skinny fat” meant and a diagnosis of pre-diabetes scared me straight into taking control of my health outcome.

After operating by the 9-5 work lifestyle for a few years, I was offered an executive leadership position and panicked at the thought of that being my day to day life. I put in my two weeks notice and turned my enthusiasm for nutrition and fitness into my career, getting certified as a personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and yoga instructor.

By working in this field, I’ve realized that the true health of an individual takes into consideration the overall wellbeing, something that cannot simply be measured by a scale or body fat caliper. 

I began Maya’s Healthy Day, a wellness based lifestyle brand, in 2018 to inspire the people in my online and in-person community to start living their BEST lives by taking control of their overall health daily. 

I strongly value a harmonious balance of Physical, Nutritional, and Mental Health and thus created a wellness community based on those pillars, one that is ESPECIALLY inclusive of people of color and our unique experiences. 

Welcome to Maya’s Healthy Day, thank you for joining me on this journey!

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