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Edition 1: Thriving Through the Storm

Changing continents, postponed jobs, and adopting Daily Success Rituals to influence your goal achievement. This inaugural edition of Soul Food Sundays is all about thriving through the storm, especially when it involves a global pandemic!

Edition 2: Holistic & Healthy Living

We’re told to wear masks, social distance, wash our hands, and wait for a vaccine. But where are the recommendations for optimizing our immune systems to reduce risk of falling ill? This edition of Soul Food Sundays empowers you to take a holistic approach to optimizing your immune system at all times! ​

Edition 3: Mindful Mornings for a Purposeful Day

Instead of waiting for motivation to kick in, how about aligning your productivity with peak motivational energy? Studies have shown that the most productive and successful people arise early and follow morning routines. The more you start to automate your mornings, the most mental space you have for those challenging projects! This edition of Soul Food Sundays inspires you to create morning rituals that help you focus on your goals and start your day with purpose. ​

Edition 4: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is the fear that you are not qualified enough to pursue opportunities you have earned or desire. This is a mindset that can hold you back from pursuing your purpose and living a life of uninhibited joy. In this newsletter, we discuss strategies to overcome Imposter Syndrome and start living your best life!

Edition 5: Sustainable Swaps

Think sustainable, environmentally-conscious living is hard to achieve? Think again! This edition offers simple, low-cost solutions to help you create less plastic and non-recycleable waste. 

Edition 6: Living on Purpose

In the wake of Chadwick Boseman’s unanticipated departure from this Earth, I found myself reflection on his contributions to the world in the 4 short years that we publicly knew him. This newsletter pays homage to 3 heroes we said goodbye to this year, discusses the importance of legacy, and inspires readers to live with purpose. 

Rest in Power to Chadwick Boseman, Kobe Bryant, and Congressman John Lewis. 

Edition 7: Self-Transformation Through Contentment

In this edition of Soul Food Sundays, I introduce readers to a yogic term called Santosha. Santosha translates to contentment, and encourages those who practice it to find peace and joy within their current circumstances. The word contentment often leaves us feeling like we have to settle, but practicing santosha is the opposite of that. It’s utilizing the resources around us to become more kind, more creative, more grateful, and in the process become our highest selves.

Edition 8: Meal Planning Strategies

Meal prepping isn’t just for bodybuilders! In this edition, I discuss the benefits of preparing your meals ahead of time, even if it’s just chopping your veggies. However, before you start prepping food it’s helpful to figure out what you’re going to make. In this 1st part of the meal prepping series, I share my unique strategy for planning my family meals for the week. I also introduce a new column that features Black creators that will inspire your health journey!

Edition 9: Meal Preparation Tips

In this 2nd part of the meal prep series, I share my favorite time saving tools and tips for preparing healthy meals ahead of time! Don’t forget, all the items I recommend are also posted in on my SHOP page for your convenience.