Maya on stage at BlogHer Health 2020 about living authentically in the age of filtered social media.
Serving as a panelist at BlogHer Health Feb. 1, 2020, passionately speaking about my health journey and the importance of living authentically in the age of a filtered social media.

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Maya Howard is a knowledgable healthy lifestyle blogger and influencer with professional experience as a personal trainer, nutrition coach, yoga instructor, wellness writer, and fitness/lifestyle fashion model. 

She is from Los Angeles and resided in New York City until her partner of 5 years received a job offer coaching professional basketball in Australia. She excitedly headed overseas and is currently calling Melbourne home through March 2020. 

Maya’s professional career in health began as a personal trainer and yoga instructor, coaching clients both in a gym setting and privately. 

After creating a health coaching business under the name Plant Built Bodies in 2014, she realized she could combine her interests of fitness, modeling and writing and work full time as a content creator for health brands. 

Through personal health coaching, Maya found that many of her clients true health goals went beyond aesthetics; that they wanted to live to the fullest everyday and remove physical and emotional barriers but didn’t know how.

Featured on RBX fitness brand's blog in an article about yoga positions for seasonal transitions.
Contributing wellness blogger for RBX Activewear.
Excited to be selected as one of AirBnb's 100 Cooks!

Plant Built Bodies subsequently evolved into Maya’s Healthy Day, a wellness blog that not only shares workouts and healthy recipes, but also in depth content addressing mental health advocacy, behavior change strategies, and sustainable living tools.

The inspiration for this brand stemmed from Maya taking control of her own health outcomes after realizing that she needed to break the generational curse of diet related disease within her own family and low income communities of color at large. 

She is truly passionate about expanding the face & voice of wellness to be inclusive of people of color and their unique experiences that require culturally competent wellness leaders. 

Beyond creating content meant to inspire true wellbeing, Maya is an avid traveler who jumps at the opportunity to explore a different culture (and its food of course!). 

She loves cheering loud at basketball games, mixing up her gym routine with fun fitness classes, and road trips with her adorable pup, Lola Beyonce and boyfriend, Ross.

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