Tech-Free Date Night

Netflix-and-chill has had its moment. Now it's time to unplug and reconnect with your partner with this classic tech-free date night idea!
Ross McMains and girlfriend Maya Howard enjoying game night hosted by NY Knicks

Have you ever been at a restaurant and noticed a couple enjoying a nice date night…with their phones? It’s cringeworthy.

I’ll be the first to admit that technology sometimes does a better job at distracting than connecting us. 

While Ross and I do a pretty good job at putting our phones aside when spending intentional time together, we are not immune from disappearing into the black hole that is Netflix. 

Maybe it was that recent binge of Money Heist. 

Or the fact that we’ve just reached 5 years together, moved overseas, and are now living without our furry child. 

Whatever the reason, we’re noticed a need to connect with one another without relying on technology or other external sources of entertainment. 

Thus, Tech-Free Date Night was invented. 

Our inaugural TFDN last Friday featured games and yummy foods that kept us plenty engaged. 

However, it was getting to know my partner even better that pushed me to share this date night concept with other young couples looking to connect!

The Set Up

The set up for this tech-free date night idea is pretty simple. The goal is to create a really fun, laidback vibe. 

Ditch the fancy clothes for a makeup free face and your favorite sweatpants. 

Put on an upbeat, party playlist. 

Done. Mood set!

Create a technology free date night with classic board games and party foods

The Food

Bae and I are serious foodies and rarely miss an opportunity to turn a basic dinner date at home into a culinary spread. 

Since being active and competitive is a major requirement for game night, I decided to skip the sit down dinner portion of tech-free date night and create some fun snacks instead.

Try out my special game night bites listed below, or whip up your own healthier versions of your favorite party foods!

Homemade black bean burgers make a yummy and healthy snack addition to a technology free date night at home!

Layer a toasted bun with hummus, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and a thick black bean burger patty for healthy, plant-based sliders. 

Enjoy a tech free date night at home with fun games and food like garlic, tomato, and spinach flatbread.

Drizzle some olive oil on a pita flatbread. Top with spinach, tomatoes, and fresh garlic then bake for 10 minutes. So easy and delicious!

Check out my Baked Cauliflower Hot Wings recipe here! Serve em up with fresh veggie slices and creamy, vegan ranch dip.

Temole Baked Chips are my new favorite! They are made from plant ingredients you can understand and make a healthy party snack!

The Activity

Let the games begin!

I headed out to Target earlier in the day to pick up some classic board games like Monopoly & Twister, but instead found some other fun ones. 

Uno Stacko is basically a mash up of our two favorite games, Uno and Jenga. It’s really fun and I highly recommend it for competitive couples. 

The Perfect Match Game was an unexpected gift. 

Bae was nervous to play and made me promise I wouldn’t get upset if he forgot details about me like my favorite color. I talked him into it eventually, and we ended up playing the game for hours, as some of the questions sparked further discussions and revelations!

Enjoy a technology free date night at home with games like Uno Stacko!

I am so certain this date night concept is going to become a regular event in our household and I can’t wait to come up with some unique ideas. 

If you’re looking to connect with your partner without the distractions of technology, share this post with him or her and create your own Tech Free Date Night!

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